SPER International
Conference & Exhibition

October 3 - 4, 2019, Narai Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Special Recognition Awards


Fostering Pharmaceutical Innovations to Bridge the gap in Pharmaceutical Research and Industry


Narai Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


Thursday and Friday
October 3 - 4, 2019

Last Date for Abstract Submission [Oral & Poster] Extended : August 15, 2019       Early Bird Registration Deadline Extended : August 20, 2019       SPER Sponsored International Conference Date : October 3-4, 2019

SPER Market Research

SPER Market Research is a global market research and consulting firm which provides research-based solutions and support to companies so that they can make right business & investment decisions faster based on real facts. Decision making is becoming difficult in today's global economy as people are heavily relying on information/data to make the best possible decision. Access to reliable, clear & accurate data plays an important role in decision making of all business decisions. We work with global leading players across pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotechnology, food and beverages, packaging and chemicals and nano-materials and add value to their business. By getting cross industry knowledge, expertise in research and advanced analytical capabilities, we help our client by providing them with accurate insights by identifying key growth areas/innovative products, defining values by observing competition and customer segmentation.
We evaluate high volumes of structured and unstructured data to find risks and enhance customer experience and ensure compliance. As the provider of global market and industry research, we provide accurate market estimates and data derived through proven research methodologies, which enables our clients to make the best possible business decisions. We publish over 300 reports and market trackers per year on niche and emerging markets across major industries. SPER Market Research is presently working with key stake holder of healthcare & pharmaceuticals industries and helping them with growth strategies (market sizing, trends & forecast, competitive landscape analysis). We also provide business support services for our clients such as company profiles, customer profiles, compete newsletters, with flexible and cost effective engagement structure.


SPER Market Research mission is to provide insight across the market, to help the organizations at right time, through the use of analysis of conclusion market insights. It is our mission to provide our customer with the most updated and effective with actual priority to the client to create a trustable and long-lasting relationship with our clients.


SPER Market Research vision is to emerge as one of the scientifically and technically acclaimed market research organisation globally.